Case study: Nashville


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Less is more.

With a pay wall about to go up around its digital content, The Tennessean staff in Nashville realized it needed to improve and differentiate their print product. The mission goals were to focus on their most important audiences and increase the relevance of print in their readers’ daily lives.

Smartly, and using solid market data, the decision was made to do away with the daily feature section and replace seven publications with five niche magazines.

The five new products were created around key lifestyle topics:

Taste – a very focused foodie section that balances trendy eating, restaurants and making-it-yourself topics.

Style – a fashion and shopping section on personal style with a strong personality imprint provided by the product’s Shopping Diva.

The Ticket – One part interesting take outs on people, places and things to do mixed with concise calendars of best bets.

Family – In-depth and bits and bites on family issues from parenting to dealing with your aging parents.

Portfolio – the crown jewel of the products – a full-color broadsheet magazine printed on heavy white stock focused on the society, arts and high-end sophisticate.

The presentation goal was to provide a sophisticated magazine-style design that plays strong photography well and works with both long narrative and short bits or alternative story forms.